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500g Old Honeycomb Chewing on Honey Farm Makes Real Honeycomb Honey Natural Bee Hives Nutrition and Health Women Food Dessert
Name : Natural Bee Hives Chewing on Honey
Packing of 500g boxed
1,The reason why it is called the old nest honey is mainly because the honeycomb is multiplied by several generations or even dozens of generations.
The old nest honey is honey in the old hive, rich in nutrients, sweet and sour taste, and is a natural bee product.
Nasal cavity, throat mucosal discomfort, drug efficacy is not ideal, you can take the old nest honey 2 minutes after swallowing, the effect is very good.
2,Old nest honey has inhibitory and killing effects on bacteria,  It can fully promote the improvement of human immune function
Third, matters needing attention
1, a small amount of gastrointestinal discomfort, gradually increase, severe gastrointestinal discomfort is not recommended for fasting.
2, the old nest honey is good, but children, pregnant women, bee products are allergic to the use of caution.

3, the taste of the old nest honey is not very good, psychological preparation before buying, you insist on eating.1230481112131415161718

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