AnSkin Modeling Mask Powder Collagen Brightening Anti-Aging Skin Care

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COLLAGEN : Anti-Aging & Firming

Collagen Extract is good for many fine  wrinkles on the skin without elasticity
Aging Skin Care: Containing marine  collagen and hyaluronic acid, Prevents effectively the oxidation of the skin,  and skin sagging,
skin droop and aging skin, and helps to maintain skin  elasticity Anti- Aging. Has a regeneration effect for damaged skin by aging  effects.
Rich Nutrition: The active ingredients in moisturizing and rich  nutrition make tired,
droopy skin cleaner, help cell regeneration, and  maintain Skin elasticity, shine, and moisture.

Moisturizing nutrient: Through anti-oxidation, to remove active oxygen  and strengthens skin to inhibit allergic reaction.
Diatomite, Glucose,  Betaine as active Ingredients, Intensively moisturize, calm the skin quickly,
give skin flexibility and elasticity.

How to use

1 step – clean your face spread ampoule or  essence(use your hands or brush)
2 step – spread modeling pack
3 step –  After 15~20 minutes,use watering sponge take off the modeling pack
4 step –  you need last care (toner and emulsion)