Anti Stress Tea Reduce High Blood Pressure Tea Korea Ginseng Tea Extract Ginseng Root Tea 3g x 100bags Healthy Tea

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This Korean ginseng tea is manufactured as a granular form available to meet users taste.

this is highly well made from extract of korean ginseng, the specialty of the republic of korea.

we always ship 100% brand new and lately produced korean ginseng tea.

 [Ginseng Effect]

1. Recover strength, saves health : – Recovers the weak health

2. Help blood, restore pulse – Vitalizes blood formation and makes it circulate smoothly

3. Good heart, calm health :  Calms the mind

4. Life continues, relieves thirst : – allots the body fluid and relieves thirst

5. Supplements lung, good for respiratory : – Strengthens the lung and is good for respiration.

6. Strengthens digestion : – Strengthens the digestive organs

[Why Korean Ginseng?]

 Asian ginseng comes from the plant Panax Ginseng whose botanical name is derived from the Greek word panacea, meaning “cures everything” and the word ginseng meaning “man-like” due to its appearance of some roots. Ginseng has been known as herbal medicines, called as “longevity grass”, used in the Asian countries as a tonic, fatigue relief, preventing aging, improvement of circulation, protecting liver, etc. for thousands years. When it comes to ginseng farming, Korea is generally evaluated to be suited best for cultivation of ginseng in term of climate, soil and other natural environment. Ginseng is not all the same.

The Korean ginseng species is Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer. C.A. Meyer, a 18th century botanist, called it Panax Ginseng is originated from Korea and China. Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer has been known as the only species with which lots of pharmacological trials have been carried out. The main ingredient of ginseng which has pharmacological effects are the unique Saponin. The Saponin of ginseng is called “Ginsenoside”. It is known that there are over 30 kinds.


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