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Fashion design,100% Brand New, high quality!
Material: Waterproof Oxford cloth
Color: 24 color
black, orange, purple, red, purple&red, light red,green,blue.
Style:fashion portable Multifunction waterproof backpack handbag d  ual use Storage package
Quality hardware
Dry and wet separation
Multi compartment Anti-theft Mummy bag
weight: about 760g
This diaper backpack is made of water-proof nylon fabric, with large capacity, contains individual functional pockets, can hold all your essential items for baby care. Such as diapers, bottles, food clothes and toys, well-designed side pocket for the wipes. It is essential equipment for mommy and daddy to go outdoors with baby.
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Upgraded version Diaper Bags

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red wine
red purple
navy blue
Light Grey
Pink Grey
White Red
Red Green
Dark gray
Navy Unicorn
Black Unicorn
Grey Unicorn
Pink Unicorn
Grey AHA 452
Black AHA 453
Navy AHA454
Pink AHA724
White AHF126
Grey Black
White Navy
Dark Camouflage
Light Camouflage
Pink Flamingo
Small Bags
Blue Leaves
Green Leaves

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[red], [red wine], [purple], [black], [green], [pink], [red purple], [navy blue], [Light Grey], [Pink Grey], [White Red], [Red Green], [Dark gray], [Navy Unicorn], [Black Unicorn], [Grey Unicorn], [Pink Unicorn], [Grey AHA 452], [Black AHA 453], [Navy AHA454], [Pink AHA724], [White AHF126], [Grey Black], [White Navy], [Dark Camouflage], [Light Camouflage], [Pink Flamingo], [Small Bags], [Blue Leaves], [Green Leaves]