Cathy Doll Snail Gold Firming Cream Wrinkle Skin Soft Radiant Younger Look 50g

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50g Cathy Doll Snail Gold, Firming Cream Wrinkle Skin Soft Radiant younger look

Condition : 100% Brand new, Factory sealed, never used

Size : 50 g/ pcs

Total Quantity : 1 pc

Cathy Doll Snail Gold minimizing golden snail cream for skin with deep wrinkles.


Minimizing golden snail cream deep Gold elongation is snail slime. Fill deep traces Smooth Youthful with Snail Gold Firming Cream. Help restore radiant pink afterglow. Look more youthful as you feel. Pure Gold Concentrate Cream elongation is snail slime on tap. Help slow the signs of aging. A value of Hyaluronic Acid stimulates collagen and elastin. Accelerate the creation of new skin cells to return to normal and Robust fill trenches to fade. Skin appears visibly younger. Radiant skin Along with oil, moisturizer replenish to the skin. Leaves skin feeling firmer and younger looking skin.


Use in the final stage of your skin care routine.Dispense a small pea sized amount and apply evenly to the entire face and neck.

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