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Common Seal, Company Stamp, Embossing Stamp Vintage  

Customize Stamp with Your Logo

270 logo for choose


Vintage Stainless Steel Sealing Wax Stamp :

1 pcs in one PE box ,  

For Letterhead Setting, For Wedding Envelope

Please email us your own logo to bayfrontshop at outlook dot com after purchase. If you like to use our logo, please indicate logo number & your details you want in the logo to change to.


Customized Embosser with your logo , or our logo at below ( You can change details: letter and date).

(e.g.   LOGO 265 , Name :  Nathan & Vicky  ,  date: 1 Sep. 2014)


The Handle is made of stainless steel.
The stamp head is made by copper and logo stamp size is up to diameter 40mm. There are more 270 pcs logo for you to choose and the 
text is available to change with yours. 


1.  Embossing on Sticker

YW1 (1)YW1 (5)YW1 (6)





2. Embossing on envelops





YW1 (2)


It is very good to be used together with Wax seal 





More 270pcs logo:

yw1-zf (1)yw1-zf (2)yw1-zf (3)yw1-zf (4)yw1-zf (5)yw1-zf (6)yw1-zf (7)yw1-zf (8)

yw1-zf (9)yw1-zf (10)yw1-zf (11)yw1-zf (12)yw1-zf (13)yw1-zf (14)yw1-zf (15)

yw1-cy (5)yw1-cy (6)






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Simple Logo, No Simple Logo, with design

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