Digital Coating Thickness Measurement Gauge 0.1micron/0-1300 TC100

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TC-100 Digital Coating Thickness Gauge Tester ultra precision 0.1um Resolution Measuring Fe/NFe Coatings Car Paint 0~1300um

The thickness gauge is used to measure the thickness of the plated and coated sheet on metal, e.g. paint/enamel/ chrome on steel, paint and anodizing coating on aluminum/copper. The gauge takes the precision integrated probe, and uses principles of electro-magnetic induction and the eddy current effect, which automatically detects the attribute of substrates. The Gauge is designed for non-destructively measuring the thickness of coating and painting. It is essential for material surface treatment and widely used in manufacturing industry, metal-processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection area, and also able to work steadily in the laboratory, workshop and outdoor.

Multiple Colors Available

Packing List: (Batteries not included)

1*TC100 Coating thickness gauge 1*Protective case 1*Aluminum substrate 1*English manual & Russian manual 5*Standard foil 1*Lron substrate


Question 1: Are the TC100, GM998, and TC200 thickness gauges iron and aluminum dual-purpose models?
Answer: Yes, it can automatically identify the iron or aluminum substrate, the screen quickly displays the substrate material, Fe stands for ferromagnetic substrate, and NF stands for non-ferromagnetic materials, such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, etc.
Question 2: Can TC100, GM998, TC200 thickness gauges measure the thickness of metallic paint
Answer: Yes, whether it is ordinary paint or metallic paint, the paint thickness can be accurately measured.
Question 3: What is the resolution and range of the TC100, GM998, and TC200 thickness gauges?
Answer: The minimum resolution is 0.1um, and the resolution above 100um is 1um. Range: 0.1 ~ 1500um.
Question 4: Does the TC100, GM998, TC200 thickness gauge have a backlight function?
Answer: TC100 does not have backlight, GM998 and TC200 have backlight function.
Question 5: Are the TC100, GM998, and TC200 thickness gauges equipped with dry batteries?
Answer: Due to the restrictions of international logistics, there is no battery, and the battery needs to be purchased by the customer.
Question 6: Can TC100, GM998, TC200 thickness gauges measure the thickness of galvanized layer, nickel plated layer, gold plated layer, metal oxide layer, anodized layer, etc.?
Answer: Yes, please rest assured to buy.
Question 7: Can TC100, GM998, TC200 thickness gauges measure the thickness of paint on plastic surfaces?
Answer: No, the thickness of the electroplated layer on the plastic surface or the thickness of the paint requires other types of instruments to measure. It is not in the scope of application of the coating thickness gauge. I hope I can help you, thank you.

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