Digital Thermometer Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

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Forehead Non Contact Infrared Baby Thermometer LCD Body Temperature Fever Digital Measurement Tool for Baby Adult Health

Instructions of thermometer: The principle of the non-contact thermometer is to use the probe to detect the infrared temperature of the human body. Just 1 second, will show the temperature.


when you install the battery, pls do it as the below picture shows to avoid mistakes. * when you install the battery, make sure the mark “+/-” * Battery will not include, due to it can’t be shipped, plz note it !

Features of thermometer:

1. Germany precision probes, accuracy ±0.2℃. 2. Just 1 second can measure out the body temperature. 3. Three color to infor the temperature: green – normal orange – slight fever red – high fever 4. Two model: body model (body temperature) ;Object model (water, milk, food themperature and so on). 5. Avoid touch skin, convenient measure baby’s temperature. 6. Storage 50 set value. 7. automatic turn off. 8. Switch ℃ / ℉ .

Use Steps :

Step1: Put into battery (tips: Do not install wrong). Step2: From forehead 1-3cm ,them press the meassurment key, the screen will show the body temperature. Step3: The key “mode” can switch the body temperature and object temperature. Notes: If the themperature is low the screen will show “LO”, If the themperature is too high , the screen will show “Hi”.

Package List:

1 * Thermometer 1 * User Manual (English)

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