Drinks & Snacks Vending Machine Combo Vending Machine

$15,000.00 $7,900.00


Combo Snack & Drinks Vending Machine: Food Dispensers. The machine have unique features that can combined both snacks and drinks in one machine. Accept both Bills & Coins.

Outside Dimensions

W 1050*D 920*H 1920(mm)

Net Weight


Kinds of Selling

40~48 selections

Storage Capacity

960pcs at most( like cigarette box)

(according to size of goods)

Cooling Function

None, could be added

Rated Voltage


Payment System

Bill, Coin, Coin Dispenser(MDB)

Rated Power


Main feature

1.        The energy-saving LED lamps, increase window brightness, customers can clearly see the commodity information at night, convenient purchase;

2.        LED display screen can display related commodity information, price information;

3.        All parts are modular integration design, installation is convenient, easy maintenance;

4.        Coin system, bill system, support multinational currency;

5.        Can be arbitrary set commodity prices, wouldn’t lost data if power down;

6.        The tray/slot sizes could be changed adapt to different sizes of all kinds of goods;

7.        The stainless steel keyboard, durable, not easily be corroded;

8.        Stock out automatic detection: complete automatic detection function, can display self-checking fault code, can quickly debugging. through the code

Vending Products

Water, drinks, chocolates, noodles, packets of chips and biscuits etc.



Carton packing with depth 3mm foam,10units/20ft,22units/40ft

The price include the cost of coin mechanism and bill acceptor.

The production time is 45 days after confirm payment.