Eye Drops Relief for Dry Eyes Drying, Fatigue Tired Eyes, Contact Lens Uses

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This product ranks the leading domestic level of 100 purification of the 100000 grade purification workshop

[main ingredients]: taurine, vitamin B6, door aspartate, menthol, sodium hyaluronate and appropriate fungicides.

Work effect: This product has to keep the eye moist, to prevent eye fatigue, eliminate the strong ultraviolet radiation, to avoid the effect of conjunctival congestion.

[ for the crowd]: suitable for long time engaged in welding work of the crowd.

[Methods]: every time 1-2 drops, 2-3 times a day; after dropping into this product, the best time to close the eye.

10ml/ bottle

[Expiry duration]: 24 months

Storage: sealed, avoid light, keep in a cool dry place.


1: This product is used for eye daily maintenance, auxiliary to relieve eye discomfort. There are eye should consult with a doctor, glaucoma or ocular pain feeling to disable this product.

2 system: allergic caution, drops of this product such as allergic manifestations, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

3: drops do not use bottle tip touching the eyes, eyelashes, in order to avoid the pollution of the mouth, such as nursing  turbidity and precipitate should be to stop using.

4: children please use under the guidance of doctors.

[approval]: Yu Wei consumer card word [2001] No. eighth

[standard]: Q/ZZS002-2008

Manufacturing Country: China

Shanghai Institute of Biotechnology Research Institute

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