Fried Ice Cream Roll Machine Pan Fried Ice Cream Machines

$7,000.00 $1,900.00


Pan Rolled Ice Cream Machine Commercial Fried Ice Cream Machine for Dessert Ice Cream Shop (Douple Pans)

Double square pans with 5 topping tanks of fried ice cream roll machine with R410A Refrigerant.


 fried ice cream roll machine with R410A Refrigerant-description and features:

1 This flat pan fried ice cream machine is easy to operate, connect to the power supply and turn on the Refrigeration Switch before stir the mixture of drinks such as juice, milk, coco, with an available ice slush shovel.
2 Use the state-of-art refrigeration technology on our machine to offer excellent design and good performance.
3 .This ice machine is compact in size, light in weight, easy to move , safe to operate and energy saving.
4 Widly used in tea restaurant, coffee shop, frozen foods ,leisure food ,liquor stores and so on.
5 This machine features Europe and America styled appearance equipped with stainless steel panels and color panels . It is durable and fit for various environment.

 fried ice cream roll machine with R410A Refrigeranttechnical parameter:

Model KN-2D5Bfried ice cream roll machine with R410A Refrigerant
Pan size 350mm
power 1600w
Voltage 220 / 110V   50/60HZ
Compressor Panasonic
Material 304 stainless (FOOD GRADE)
Machine size 900*600*770mm
Weight 75kg
Refrigerant R410A enviroment friendly

The advantages of  fried ice cream roll machine with R410A Refrigerantdisplay:

1 Intelligent temperature controlling system, it is more easier to operation!
2 The materials we used is food grade 304 Stainless Steel!
3 Well-designed heat dissipation, avoid machine over-heat!
4 The diameter of ice pan is 450 mm,fast cooling,high efficient!
5 The Universal Wheel we used is rubber material,good wearability, low noise,rotate 360 degrees!
6 New design! Defrost by pedal plate!Don’t need to stop working and press the defrost button by hand, you can directly defrost by pedal,more convenient,more efficient!
7 Copper Condenser,fast cooling speed, high efficiency and energy saving, persistent motivator!
8 The compressor we used is Panasonic compressor with R410A environmental protection refrigerants, super quality!