Holika Holika Petit BB Cream 30ml

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Holika Holika
Petit BB Cream 30ml


Bouncing:  The perfect elasticity and nutrition care with Caviar proponents! A smart BB that provides whitening, face lift and sunblock makes your skin clear and tight through perfect covering.

Moisture:  Hyyaluronic ingredients fill up your dry skin with moisture factors that makes your skin smooth and glossy. It also blocks the sun and protects your skin to stay clear.

Clearing:  The tea tree oil extracts perfect your skin by relieving troubled, reddish skin. The sebum absorption powder finalizes a soft baby skin.

Shimmering:  Pearl powder extracts make your skin more clear and transparent and provide a photoshop effect through its strong sunblock quality that makes your skin bright and glossy.

Aqua:  Aqua petit BB provides smoothness and moisture with its green tea ingredients. The glacial milk ingredient provides oil free, fresh and moist skin.

How to use

Take an appropriate amount and evenly spread onto facial skin by patting gently with puff or fingers


Additional information


Bouncing, Moisturizing, Clearing, Shimmering, Aqua

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