New Essential Oil Diffuser Nebulizer for Aromatherapy, Waterless & Wireless Aroma Diffuser Nebulizer

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Waterless & Wireless Portable Aromatherapy Diffuser Essential Oil Diffuser Rechargeable Aroma Diffusers Nebulizer for Home

– Features –

AROMATHERAPY: Revitalize, rejuvenate with the natural healing power of essential oils. Pair your Meeta nebulizing diffuser with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils . Our nebulizers deliver therapy without diluting the properties of your oil. Try adding aromatherapy into your yoga, meditation, relaxation, sleep, creativity, and mood enhancing routines.

HEATLESS & WATERLESS: Cool mist nebulizing technology eliminates heat and water, which both dilute and alter essential oil. Nebulizers use an atomizing pump, which sends oil through a thin tube and releases a dry mist of micro-particles into the air – the healthiest and most efficient method of diffusing to maximize each drop of oil.

WIRELESS & PORTABLE: This diffuser is rechargeable. Forget tripping over wires and spilling oil! Since it isn’t tied to an outlet, this petite, modern, and stylish therapy diffuser can go with you anywhere – whether it is for travel, home, office, even vacation!

Removable separation head design, easy to use, we recommend to purchase an extra oil bottle.


– Note –

➤ Its fog is very small, its fog can only be seen under the illumination of light. It is the only standard to check if the machine is working.

➤ This diffuser is intended only for use with 100% pure essential oils. Carrier oils (like coconut, jojoba, or almond) typically found in mixtures for topical use may clog the thin nebulizer tube. We recommend adding a few drops of medical alcohol.



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