Nursery Soil Jiffy Peat Pellets Block Garden Flowers Seed Planting 90 Pcs 25mm

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Peat Pellets Seed Starting Plugs Seeds Starter Pallet Seedling Soil Block 90 Pcs 25mm Jiffy Peat Pellets Seed Starting Plugs Seeds Starter pallet Seedling Soil Block Professional Gardening Supplies

1, texture: from high-quality nursery peat and coconut Health Canada compression is made,

start with a small amount of fertilizer nutrients, outside wrapped in a nonwoven fabric or polymeric fibers;

2. Application: use cuttings or sowing, seedling matrix formulation eliminates the trouble of their own;

3, use: the matrix block on the water, about 5 minutes after fully expanded matrix block will swell seed or cuttings need branches directly into the middle of the block matrix can be. Its density than the density of the middle portion of the other positions is small,

it is designed for seeding or cuttings design.

4, the product features:

1) matrix block internal water, air balance, promote seed germination, promote root development;

2) facilitate transplantation, does not damage the root system.

3) it is simple, easy to use, can keep planting environment clean and tidy.

Packaging: 10 Pcs
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