Soilless Hydroponic Greens Vegetables Sponges Nursery Pots Nursery Sponge


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High Durability Soilless Sponges Hydroponic Vegetables Nursery Pots Soil-less Sponge Hydroponic Nursery Seed Trays and Grow Sponges. Cultivation System Soilless Hydroponic Greens Vegetables Sponges Cultivation System Nursery Pots Nursery Sponge Flower Seed Cultivation Soilless Cultivation System Seed Trays

Nursery sponges provide you with long-lasting moisture! Timing watering only nutrient solution,

No need to add soil to the cultivation of organic green vegetables!

Soilless culture carrier Advantage:

1, no dirt, clean and sanitary;

2, the organic cultivation of vegetables at ease;

3, vigorous growth, higher yields;

4, three-dimensional cultivation, saving space;


5 kinds of packaging, respectively;

1 black-nursery pots 10pcs

2 white-nursery pots  10pcs

3 nursery cotton * 50pcs

4 black nursery pots * 10pcs + 10 pcs sponges

5 nursery pots white sponge * 10pcs + 10 pcs


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10pcs White Nursery Pot

10pcs Black Nursery Pot

10pcs White Nursery Pot & 10 Sponge

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10pcs White Nursery Pot, 10pcs Black Nursery Pot, 10pcs White Nursery Pot & 10pcs Sponge