Vitamin B12 Double Hydrop Set By MISSHA

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[MISSHA] Vitamin B12 Double Hydrop Set

What is vitamin B 12?
The B-12, a kind of vitamin B, is an essential vitamin that can be used to provide moisture to the skin to help manage the various problems of the skin due to dryness.
What is Ampouler?
The combination of ampoule and Fuller is a differentiated category of Missha, with a finely chopped particle contrast to the common ampoule, and a stable, encapsulated, patented DELIVERY mechanism that fills the skin with a concentrated formulation.

Ampoule(40ml)+Cream Concentrate(50ml)+booster(30g for gift)+cream(5ml for gift)+Cream Concentrate(5ml for gift)

How To Use
After face wash, take the booster with a cotton pad or hand to clear the skin texture.
Apply an appropriate amount to the ampoule with an amppuller to gently absorb it.
Gently absorb the appropriate amount of cream on the distressed part.
Apply cream concentrate to last step of skin care.

[MISSHA] Vitamin B12 Double Hydrop Set

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