White Gray Grey Hair Concealer Cover Hair Foundation White Hair Cover From Korea

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Made In Korea] PRORANCE Gray hair Cover hair Foundation 9.5g Hair Loss Concealer

 1. This product covers easily prematurely gray hair and the scalp that is easily seen because of less hair.
2. This product applies directly the scalp. It contains vegetable oil such as grape seed oil, Ganoderma lucidum mushroom and ginko leaf extract. It makes scalp healthy.
3. Panthenol and vitamin E derivatives of this product keep hair texture soft and resilient.
4. This product makes voluminous hair throughout the day because it is not easily removed by sweat or water due to silicon base with high water?repellent function.

( instructions for use )
Dry completely hair and scalp after shampooing.
1. When making voluminous hair by covering less hairy scalp,Apply the product with puff and spread it as patting.
2. To cover noticeable white hair on the wide head, apply the product with puff like wiping.
3. When covering white hair after hair dyeing, put the product to dedicated brush and comb hair thoroughly with brush.


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