Bekunis Dragees Laxative 45 tablets (For Constipation & Detox)




Bekunis works with your body…… Bekunis products contain no harsh chemicals and are designed to work with your body rather than against it. Their unique laxative action encourages the body's natural processes to help clear the body of waste matter. Bekunis prevents constipation gently and reliably, because it works with the body's natural processes. Bekunis is made from the senna plant, an ages-old, well-tried medicinal herb. Bekunis is the drug of choice for natural relief from constipation. Bekunis Tablets are easy to take. Even in obstinate cases, the dosage of active ingredient – taken in the evening – has a reliable effect the next morning. Bekunis Tablets are a modern laxative that systematically and reliably puts the bowel function back into balance without subjecting the body to unnecessary stress. Bekunis Tablets contain senna. Quick and easy to administer, Bekunis Tablets – standardised ingredients allow precise monitoring of the dosage. The enteric coating also means they can be used by patients with sensitive. What is Bekunis? Modern medicine is rediscovering the therapeutic qualities of many traditional herbal remedies. Senna, originally from the arid regions of the Middle East, has been used as an effective herbal laxative for more than 1,200 years. This long history of therapeutic use, means that medicinal plants containing senna are among the best documented medicines. The fruit and leaves of the Senna plant contain compounds which stimulate the body's natural processes to provide gentle relief from constipation. Bekunis products use modern production techniques to standardise levels of active ingredients for accurate and controlled dosage and clinical research has shown that senna based laxatives work to relieve your body of constipation.

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