Bio+ (Bioplus) Junior Teddy Bear Vitamin C Gummy 80’s Kids Children’s Vitamin C Gummy Mixed Fruits Flavour




***Mixed Fruits FlavourDo you know that TWO Teddy Bear Vitamin C gummies (75mg of Vitamin C) is equivalent to ONE orange?Are your kids always prone to getting sick? Kids are openly exposed to bugs and germs, sickness becomes a norm due to their weak immune system. Bio+ Junior Teddy Bear Vitamin C can be an added help to support their immunity.”Take Teddy Bear Vitamin C gummy every day, keep the doctor away!”Packing Size: 80’sFlavour: Mixed FruitsDirection of useNutrition Fact:Children 2-4 years: 2 gummies dailyChildren 4 years & above: 4 gummies dailyVitamin C 37.5mg per gummyBenefits:Vitamin C helps maintain and support normal immune system. A strong anti-oxidant which help protect the body from free radicals.Features:No gelatin added No sugar coating Permitted colouring 6 delicious flavours in bear shape gummy

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