Cenovis Kids Twins CALCIUM +Vitamin D 1500mg x 60ct x 2 for Growing Child’s Bone Health Direct From Korea




Calcium + Vitamin D for Growing Child's Bone Health It takes care of children's health with two nutrients that they want to take care of together. I put two nutrients, calcium and vitamin D together. The combination of sweet and sour pineapple and soft yogurt taste makes it twice as delicious. It's a cute koala shape and has two different colors in front and back! It gives you twice as much pleasure. Trust and enjoy a healthy taste without adding more. Precautions for Storage and Ingestion It is recommended that those who are taking medicine or pregnant or breastfeeding consult a doctor before taking the product. If you have an allergic constitution, check the ingredients before eating. There is a risk of suffocation if you eat it all at once, so take it under your guardian's guidance. After opening, the color may change for moisture, but there is no problem with the ingredients of the product, so feel free to eat. Do not take the enclosed desiccant.

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