Cordyceps Flower / Cordyceps Militaris / Jin Chong Cao / 金虫草 / 虫草花 400 grams


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* Maintaining healthy cholesterol level. * Maintaining healthy immune response. * Increasing energy level and reduceing fatigue. * Increasing endurance, stamina, and athletic performance. * Enhancing sexual function. * Maintaining healthy respiratory function. * 虫草花既能䃼肺阴, 又能铺肾阳. Cordyceps Flower Their Benefits: Numerous studies show that cordyceps polysaccharide has a variety of biological activity, by the medical profession and drug scholars believe is one of the very good immune enhancers present in the world, with a wide range of pharmacological effects: Cordyceps militaris are neutral in nature and suitable for everybody in general. Improve immune function, Immunomodulatory, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hypolipidaemic, hypoglycaemic, anti-ageing properties, anti-malarial, anti-fatigue, neuroprotective, liver-protective, and apart from that, it can bring relieve for insomnia, strengthen one’s lungs renoprotective effects. Cordycepin contributes to the anti-tumour. Use Method: 1. Soak in the boiled water and drink it. 2. Stew with chicken soup. 根据培养技术、菌种、培养基的不同,虫草花的质量也有优劣之分。那么虫草花有什么功效与作用呢? 1、调节免疫力系统。一般低于正常免疫功能的人群,食用虫草花后,会有一定的改善功能,能够维持人体免疫稳定。 2、调节心脏功能。食用虫草花,可以提高心脏耐缺氧的功能,降低心脏对氧气的消耗。 3、延年益寿,抗衰老。经过专家研究表明,虫草花含有丰富的蛋白质、18种氨基酸、17种微量元素、12种维生素,是人们滋补的佳品。 4、有益肝肾、补精髓、止血化痰。虫草花中含有虫草酸、虫草素,能够综合调理人体环境,主要用于治疗头晕目眩、腰膝酸软、久咳虚喘等病症。 5、辅助治疗恶性肿瘤。虫草素对人的鼻、咽癌细胞有强抑制作用,主要用于辅助治疗鼻癌、肺癌、白血病等。


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