Kordel’s Alpha Lipoic Acid 2 x 50’s




KORDEL’S ALPHA LIPOIC ACID 200MG 50’S x 2 FOC SWEETSANTE 10 SACHETSA balanced diet and adequate exercise are crucial for good health. Due to modern food processing methods and hectic lifestyles, many people are deficient in nutrients such as chromium, biotin and alphe lipoic acid. The first two minerals that play important roles in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, while the latter is an antioxidant that can regenerate energy which keeps body cells active.Kordel’s Alpha-Lipoic Acid 200mg is specially formulated with 200 mcg of chromium picolinate and 600mcg of biotin encapsulated in a vegetal capsule. Kordel’s Alpha Lipoic Acid is available in 100mg and 200mg capsules. While suitable for everyone, both supplements are particularly useful for those who love sweets foods.PACK SIZE50sDOSAGETake 3 capsules daily before meals.PrecautionFor diabetics:If ALA is taken together with insulin or anti-diabetic medications, blood glucose levels may fall drastically, causing hypoglycaemiaTo avoid hypoglycaemia:Blood glucose levels should be monitored by a doctor.

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