NUTRIFORTE Lactoghurt Probiotics with FOS 60s




NUTRIFORTE Lactoghurt Probiotics with FOS 60sEnhances ImmunityImproves Digestions and Nutrient Absorption Relieves Bloating (Stomach Gas), Constipation, DiarrhoeaInhibit Food Poisoning PathogensDuolacTM dual-coating technology 10 times more live bacteria reaching intestinesNo refrigeration requiredFive probiotics strains synergyEnhanced with Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)Manufactured by world-class probiotics manufacturer, Cell Biotech Co Ltd, Korea.boosting immune system.prevent and treat urinary tract infections.improve digestive function.heal inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS. …manage and prevent eczema in children.fight food-borne illnesses.

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