Rawel Barley Grass Sprout Powder 140g Contain various nutrients such as Vitamin B1, B2, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Beta-carotene




The Power of barley sprout cultivated by water culture. Barley Sprout Powder Stick – Jeju pesticide-free Barley sprout powder 100% – Jeju Pesticide-free Barley Sprout 100% – Clean water culture – Ivory barley sprout powder – Take it conveniently you want. Barley sprout cultivated by water culture – after sowing, the young shoots are harvested. Sterilize and germiniate seed > Sow > Cultivate > Harvest – Take it in any Places! – Conbeniently! – Take it whenever and wherever you want! What's a Barley sprout? – Barley sprouts are new barley buds which height id about 15 – 20cm after sowing. – Barley sprouts contain various nutrients such as Vitamin B1, B2, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Beta-carotene, etc. Nutrient Comparison – Calcium = Than milk 4.6 times higher – Potassium = Than milk 14 times higher – Dietary fiber = Than Sweet Potato 20 times higher – Iron = Than Spinach 25 times higher – Carotene = Than Pumpkin 16 times higher TIP FOR TAKING 'BARLEY SPROUT POWDER' – Try to the stick by putting it in the 1.5L of water after stirring. – Try to take it deliciously by putting it in the milk or yogurt. – Try to use the powder as a spice in case of cooking meat or fish. – Try to put it in the salad or dessert to improve flavor. – Try to enjoy cool cocktail by making barley sprout ice cubes. Try to take RAWEL barley sprout powder! – When you need to care health. – When you need to care whole family member's health. – When you are overloaded with work. – When you want to care health conveniently. – When you want to start your day lightly.

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