Rawel beauty & skin natural super food Fish Collagen (30s x 2 Boxes) 60s Tablet Kfood tablet & capsules

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★fish collagen 30 tablet x 2 Boxes – Protein is mainly composes of skin, blood vessels, bones, teeth, muscles, and connective tissues. – Collagen takes 30% among 2,000 kinds of proteins in the human body. – Its content is the highest in the body. – To refill collagen in the skin and to make the process smoothly, it is essential to improve internal resorption rate. – Because fish collagen has small size of molecule, it is aborbed inthe body fast. – Care your body from the hair to toes healthily and beautifully. Contain – hydroxy proline – Proline – Arginine – Glycine – Glutamic acid * 99% fish collagen powder. * Take a tablet per a day * Conveniently – take the tablets which separately packes as PTP type more convenirntly sanitarily.

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