Rawel Korea Slimming Diet ABC(Apple Beetroot Carrot) Juice Powder (10g x 14pack)




Justic ABC Juice Powder Stick – Justic ABC Juice Powder Stick which 3 kinds of fruit and vegetable nutrition balance is good. – Justic ABC Juice Powder Stick which allows you to drink juice conveniently in any places. Let's not drink any beverage! Nutrition balance is different! Apple – Dietary Fiber and Taurine Red beetroot – Potassium and Vitamin C Carrot – Beta-carotene and amino acid Take a stick conveniently all the time Rawel ABC Juice Powder Delicious balanced diet – Apple+Beetroot+Carrot The golden mix ratio of 35% of apple powder, 35% of beetroot powder, and 30% of carrot powder. Full of nutrition by grinding even fruit and vegetable peel. 100% korean fruit and vegetable are used. Apple is low-calorie food. It contains full of dietary fiber and vitamin C. Red beetroot is low-calorie food and contains full of vitamins and iron. Carrot contains a lot of beta-carotene and vitamin A. – People who suffer from lethargy due to imbalanced diet. – People who are interested in well-balanced diet. – People who usually skip breakfast. – People who don't have enough time to make ABC juice by themselves. – People who look for healthy beverage which they can drink without worry. – People who want to take nutrition contained in 3 kinds of fruit and vegetable conveniently.

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