Rawel Krill Oil capsule 500mg * 60 Caps Omega-3 Fatty Acids


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How to eat: Take 1 tablet a day with food. Description What is Krill oil?         Krill Oil is oil that is extracted from tiny marine animals in the same group as small shrimp. (Crustaceans) often live under the deep sea of ​​the Antarctic Ocean, food for sea fish and large aquatic animals. But in the food industry, a grill is extracted into oil, similar to the cold extraction found in fish oil production. Currently, clinical studies of krill oil have been conducted extensively. Therefore, Krill oil may be another interesting and hot food supplement in the future.         Grill oil is rich in Free Form of Omega-3 Fatty Acids which contain EPA and DHA as well as fish oil. However, Krill oil is unique in that it is different from fish oil. Omega-3 structure Binds with phospholipids Which is usually Phosphatidylcholine, giving Christ the nickname Marine Lecithin. It is also rich in red antioxidants called Astaxanthin. ), Which is in the same family as lycopene and beta carotene. Health benefits :: + Absorbs more than fish oil and is effective krill oil + Which is usually Phosphatidylcholine, content: 56% + Helps the immune system's response system respond normally + Reduce inflammation + Promoting cardiovascular health + Promote brain function And brain health + Promote joint movement + Reduces symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis + Promote skin health + Reduce pain and joint obstruction + Increases efficiency in protecting the body from UV rays that cause skin damage + Promote normal brain DHA system, promote mental health + Affects the production of neurotransmitters And the creation of prostaglandins That is important for brain function


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