Redoxon Double Action Effervescent Vitamin C & Zinc Orange (30 Tablets)




Redoxon Double Action is a formulation with 1000mg Vitamin C and 10mg Zinc. It is used to supplement Vitamin C and Zinc requirements. Through a variety of mechanisms, Vitamin C and Zinc play important roles in many vital metabolic processes. For example; Vitamin C is important for healthy bones, teeth, gums as well as the general make-up of the body. Zinc is also an essential mineral required by your body to maintain good health. Together, Vitamin C and Zinc act in complementary ways to support your body’s natural defences. Taken daily, Redoxon Double Action replenishes your body’s Vitamin C and Zinc levels to support your natural defences. The Redoxon brand has been established globally for more than 70 years; hence you can trust Redoxon to offer a quality product for your entire family.

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